Documents needed to buy real estate in Andorra

Next, we present the conditions and essential documents to be able to make the purchase of a real estate in Andorra.

  • Authorization from the Andorran Government to acquire real estate.

In order to invest in real estate in Andorra, it is an essential requirement to obtain an investment authorization from the Andorran Government. Whatever your project, this valuable authorization is the preliminary step to invest in the country.

This authorization allows you to invest in any of the seven parishes of the Principality: Ordino, La Massana, Canillo, Encamp, Escaldes-Engordany, Sant Julià de Lória or the capital, Andorra la Vella. You can choose from a large selection of real estate: apartments, chalets, parking lots, commercial premises, land, etc.

Other conditions and necessary documents

Apart from the prior authorization, in order to make your investment in the Principality it is necessary to meet a series of requirements and present various documents, namely:

  • Be of legal age (minimum 18 years)
  • Not have a criminal record and provide proof of it
  • Invest € 400,000
  • Deposit a deposit of € 30,000 and € 7,000 for each family member
  • Demonstrate that the necessary financial resources are available, that is, at least an income 4 times higher than the average wage in the country.
  • Reside more than 90 days a year in the Principality
  • Passport and certificate of civil status
  • Originals of the accommodation purchase or rental contracts
  • Any document certifying a disability, retirement, illness
  • Medical certificate (by an Andorran doctor)
  • Property title or bank guarantee to justify that it can cover your needs

Attention, in Andorra, all supporting documents issued by foreign countries must be duly apostilled!

Procedures to carry out your investment in the Andorran Principality

If you want to invest in real estate in Andorra, once all the necessary documents have been gathered, you have to carry out a series of procedures that can be divided into four major stages that we detail below.

Stages to buy a house or a flat in the Principality

The purchase process, once the authorizations are approved, lasts approximately between a month and a half and two months. We summarize the four key stages to formalize your acquisition:

  1. Signature of the real estate reservation contract between the buyer and the seller. The buyer pays a deposit that validates the purchase option. The seller withdraws the property from the market for a specified period;
  2. Preparation and management of the deed of sale: activation of the sale process by one of the 4 Andorran notaries, drafting of a contract and preparation for signing the deed;
  3. Signing of the deed of sale by both parties, in the presence of the notary. The buyer pays the remaining balance and takes possession of the real estate;
  4. Deposit of the deed of sale by the notary.

In the Principality of Andorra, foreign investors can invest in real estate such as houses, apartments, chalets, parking ... Since 2012, the laws on the acquisition of real estate have been made more flexible for both residents and non-residents.

Real estate acquisition expenses

  1. Since 2012, thanks to its flexible tax system and economic openness, the Principality is the perfect choice if you are thinking of investing in real estate. Here is the detail of the notary expenses and those related to the acquisition:
    1. Andorran law sets the notary fees at 1% of the sale price of the property;
    2. The ITP (Tax on property transfers) levies a 4% on the total value of the acquisition of the real estate asset. It is paid before an Andorran notary during the signing of the deed of sale with a bank check issued in the name of the Andorran government;
    3. The seller is responsible for the agency fees, which are generally between 5 and 10% of the sale price
  2. The buyer has to pay the sale price during the 5 business days prior to the final signature before the notary of the Principality.
Documents needed to buy real estate in Andorra
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